The TGTSDA is going to build up a library of publications in the coming years to regulate and explain all areas of the association and Tang Soo Do.

Already available for our members in several languages on ChungShin, our management software:

  • Beginner’s Booklet (English, French, German, Spanish, Croatian, Bahasa, Portuguese)
  • Samurang Kids Booklet (English)
  • Gup Manual (English, German)
  • Dan Manual (English)
  • Master’s Manual (English)
  • Instructor’s Manual (English)
  • Championship Manual (English)
  • Qi Gong Manual (English)
  • Questionnaire for Gradings for 9th Gup to Cho Dan Bo (English)

The following publications are scheduled:

  • Hapkido Manual (end of 2023)

All illustrated booklets will be supplemented with educational videos.