TGTSDA Events 2022

This event list contains only global TGTSDA events. For local events in each country, visit the websites of the respective national associations.

DateEvent / OrganiserParticipantsInstructor (s)Place
Sat 8
Instructor Course / DTSDVTGTSDA members
from 5th Gup
K. TrogemannEsting, Germany
Sat 12
Forms & Weapons Clinic / DTSDVTGTSDA membersK. TrogemannEsting, Germany
Sat 19

Il Soo Sik/Ho Sin Sul / DTSDV
TGTSDA membersK. TrogemannZorneding, Germany
Sat 2 – Sun 3

Advanced Hyungs and Techniques / DTSDV
TGTSDA members
from 1st Gup
K. Trogemann, A. BrallIssum, Germany
Fri 13 – Sun 15
Summer CampTGTSDA members
and family
K. TrogemannKirchdorf a. Inn, Germany
Tue 14 – Thur 16
Fri 17
Sat 18
EU Master Clinic incl. Test
EU Black Belt Clinic
EU Championship
TGTSDA members
all TSD practitioners
K. Trogemann, B. Olden,
A. Ewing, S. Peters,
Ch. Preiss,
Neufahrn, Germany
Sat 16 – Sun 17
Qi Gong ClinicTGTSDA membersK. TrogemannEsting, Germany
Sat 10
Fri 16 – Sun 18
Clinic for new forms and Black Belt Test
Swiss Summer Camp
TGTSDA members
TGTSDA members
K. Trogemann
S. Peters, Ch. Preiss
Solln, Germany
Hemishofen, Switzerland
Sat 12
Sat 19 – Sun 20
Weapons Clinic
Techniques Clinic
TGTSDA members
TGTSDA members
K. Trogemann, Th. Krause
K. Trogemann, G. Engenhorst
Solln, Germany
Alpen (NRW), Germany
Sat 10
Special Master training
Board meeting DTSDV & TGTSDA
TGTSDA membersK. TrogemannEsting, Germany