Martial art is teaching us how to manage life. 

Riccarda Beisert

Country Representative Riccarda Beisert

Short History and Thoughts

Sah Dan Master Riccarda Beisert was examined by Grand Master Shin for Cho Dan in 1991. She is a student of Chil Dan Master Klaus Trogemann. In 1993 she founded Sunrise Tang Soo Do in Munich. In 1998 Sunrise Tang Soo Do Montefeltro Italy was founded in Sant’Angelo i. V. The concept of martial arts refers to the awareness of the use of physical technology, accompanied by the right psychological attitude. These mental powers, in turn, can promote full physical ability. Nature, as a natural, great teacher, can teach us this balance, which characterises the essence of hyung.

Studios and Head Instructors

  • Sunrise Tang Soo Do Montefeltro Italia Riccarda Beisert, Sah Dan Master
Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Luxemburg, Mozambique, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom