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Klaus Trogemann

Country Representative Klaus Trogemann

Short History and thoughts

International Senior Master Klaus Trogemann

In summer 1982, under the direction of Klaus Trogemann (at this time Cho Dan), the Munich Tang Soo Do Verein e. V. was founded as the first WTSDA studio in Germany. In summer 1996 seven German WTSDA studios founded the German TSD Association (DTSDV e.V.). Since then the association has grown to 15 clubs with around 400 active members in Germany. Anyone seriously interested in the traditional martial arts of Tang Soo Do is warmly welcomed in our ranks. The DTSDV has made it its goal to spread the traditional Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do in Germany with its Far Eastern philosophy and its values. The DTSDV became a charter member of the TGTSDA in 2019, which continues the traditional TSD spirit lived under the late founder of the WTSDA late Grandmaster Jae C. Shin.

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