Country Representative Patricia Partosubroto

Short History and Thoughts

Indonesia Tang Soo Do was founded in 2009 by Master Karyo and Patricia Partosubroto at the request of GM Jae Chul Shin. They started in Bali and later moved to Jakarta. Indonesia Tang Soo Do focuses on the technical aspects and disciplines of Tang Soo Do. We try to keep the traditional Tang Soo Do on a very high level. The goal is to spread TGTSDA everywhere in Indonesia.

Both instructors are also skilled in Sibpalki ( Historical Korean martial Arts) Under the supervision of master Kyu Bok Choi from the Korean Institute of Martial Arts.

Studios and Head Instructors

  • Club Dojang Maru Karyo Partosubroto (Oh Dan Master) and Patricia Partosubroto (Sah Dan Master)
Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Luxemburg, Mozambique, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom