Annual Events

Official TGTSDA Seminars and Clinics

TGTSDA Championships without restrictions*

European Championship 2019 in Neufahrn, Germany:
Master Trogemann giving advice to participants

National Championships

European Championships

World Championships

*Divisions according to TGTSDA championship rules

Seminars and Clinics without restrictions
  • Clinics for forms, weapons, one-steps and self-defence
  • Seminars for championships and rules
  • Clinics for advanced ranks
  • Summer Camp in Taching, Germany
Seminars and Clinics with restrictions
  • Seminars for Instructors
  • Clinics for Judges
  • Clinics for TGTSDA Masters and Blackbelts*

*For Sam Dan and upwards, invitation through TGTSDA only

Foto: M. Loracher