Open German Championship 2019, Neufahrn

Welcome to the Family of the Traditional Global Tang Soo Do Association – a wise decision for your future.

International Senior Master Klaus Togemann

Like many other martial arts Tang Soo Do originates from Korea and its traditions are around 2000 years old. Even today its techniques and philosophy are taught like in ancient times.

According to an oriental proverb, a good start is already halfway to success. One should always remember this when dealing with learning Tang Soo Do. A firm and honest commitment is therefore essential. Only those who start with a solid mind will be rewarded with success.

The meaning of Tang Soo Do is not the promotion of violence, but the realisation that it is an attitude of mind. It promotes a special way of thinking and acting in life, which helps to act in a calm, contented and wise way.

Klaus Trogemann, International Senior Master

September 14, 2019

Munich, Germany